Learn from Richard Norton and Jeremy Ta’kody, the founders of Tactical MMA and discover what they are teaching directly from your own home. The TMMA TV online training includes advanced and basic techniques and methodology that including striking, clinching, takedowns, ground-fighting, street combatives, conditioning and psychology from our Core MMA Curriculum and Sub-systems. With specific details that will make all the difference to your MMA game, your ability to defend yourself and your loved ones, as well as martial arts philosophies and insights for successful living in todays stressful world. Having access to the TMMA TV database will give you a new vision about Martial Arts and the access to both cutting edge techniques and essential battle proven concepts with ancient history and tradition.

You have to learn from the beginning the proper techniques of at least four seemingly separate systems. Street Combatives, Brazilian Jiujitsu, Freestyle Wrestling and Muay Thai kickboxing. Most importantly of all you need to understand how these skill sets operate in the real world for survival, not just in the ring or cage. If you train a lot but perform techniques the wrong way, or in the wrong context you will get very good at doing absolute rubbish, or worse, do something in a real life pressure situation that will get you killed. So don’t make mistakes, learn the details that will allow you to learn and comprehend modern Mixed Martial Arts and tactical Combatives in the easiest way. Learn the fundamentals, the right way, with the best details, and with the best techniques. Build a very strong foundation so in the future you can achieve combative excellence as well as a strong mind and body to achieve your dreams.

With Tactical MMA TV you will have access to all of the essential techniques, as well as cutting edge combative concepts to give you an advantage. You can do this regardless of which team you represent, or which part of the world you live in. Don’t miss this opportunity, with just a little monthly investment, you will learn the secrets of Tactical MMA. Evolve your game and expand your knowledge to the next level.

Access TMMA TV and learn new techniques for your students. Learn the most modern ways of blending your existing skill sets with new knowledge. You will also have access to many drills directly from the TMMA Core Curriculum and Sub-systems, which will make the training at your academy exciting and time effective for skill development and retention. From the beginning the positions that we will teach, are essential. The special details that we will teach, are the same ones taught in the seminars we take. Learn from people who love to share and have a combined teaching experience of over 60 years, as well as special guest instructors who are experts in their fields. Keep your mind open to learn and make your students’ game constantly improve and evolve.
If you are simply an MMA or UFC fanatic, access this site and you will have an open door to new techniques, training drills, research, interviews, coaching tips and much more!

We would like to leave you with this message. WE have dedicated our lives to the martial arts, and would like to share every piece of precious information with you. We would like to evolve the martial arts, and in doing so evolve ourselves and our students so we will be remembered in the future as artists who “made a difference” in this sport and to the lives of those who share this passion! Please take advantage of our information, but don’t forget, for all the techniques we will show, you need to train hard, train often, and when the time is ready try out and test these concepts so you have first hand knowledge of their effectiveness. This is the key to success. Sweat, Humility, Perseverance, Dedication and Self Respect.

Sincerely in the martial arts way,
Richard Norton
Jeremy Ta’kody


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