Tactical MMA PhilosophyTactical Mixed Martial Arts (TMMA) is a modern combative system with traditional values. At its core, Tactical MMA promotes health, self defense and personal development.

The TMMA belt system is based on a traditional philosophy of 7 Archetypal Elements.

These elements are described as: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Void, Spirit and Universe.

Each of these Seven Archetypal Elements represent key Physical, Mental and Spiritual concepts. These concepts are designed to promote self-awareness, behavioral flexibility, focus and the unity of self, society and nature.

A key concept within this system is the realization of impermanence and the importance of mindfulness through daily intention and action towards personal and social improvement.

In this way, the greatness of this martial art is held not in the victory over others but over oneself, through the equilibrium of controlled conduct, emotion and reason.

It is this Traditional philosophy and code, which separates Tactical Mixed Martial Art from sport fighting systems.

Like most traditional martial arts, students start out at a rank of white belt and progresses through the ranks with the goal to eventually make it to become a black belt.

Coloured Belts and Badges are used in training to mark the progress a student has made in their study. Training is done with both a traditional Kimono (Gi) and modern training uniform.

To advance from one coloured belt to the next, students must show a combination of commitment through regular attendance over a minimum period of time, demonstrate key positive mental attitudes, and continually strive to cultivate a variety of specific skills.

Belt examinations involve performing sets of drills, demonstrating combative concepts with other members of the dojo, or performing other tests that show the proficiency of their art. Juniors (Under 16) progress through stripe promotions per month, while seniors every four months as determined by the school or branch instructor. Transition from one coloured belt to the next should be assessed by a third degree Black Belt or higher.

Tactical Mixed Martial Arts: “Modern Techniques, Traditional Values”

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