Daniel Keane was the first student to be come a fully graded TMMA Black Belt (Level 6 Instructor, 14th Nov 2010).

He is an emerging force as both a talented fighter and insightful trainer.

With a background in the traditional art of Ninjitsu, Daniel began his foray into mixed martial arts and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu directly under the tutelage of TMMA co-founder Jeremy Ta’kody in 2004. After discovering the training at Malvern Martial Arts, it wasn’t long before Daniel began training full time, also assisting in the instruction of daily junior, teenage and adult classes.

A certified personal trainer, and always pro-active about his own progression, Daniel has furthered his MMA training through practicing freestyle wrestling with Junior World Freestyle Wrestling Champion, Talgat Ilyasov, who immigrated to compete and represent Australia in the Athens Olympic games. Daniel has competed and won at state and national level in BJJ, at white, Blue and purple belt level, as well as competing in Judo under the guidance of Naohiro Taketani (4th Dan Judoka). His growing skill set has continued to develop through working extensively with TMMA technical advisor Daniel Shaw.

Daniel has also competed in MMA, winning the Victorian Light Heavyweight Title Belt for Fightforce promotions in an epic contest. Daniel has made several trips to the homeland of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu where he has trained with numerous would BJJ champions including 9 time World BJJ champion Ricardo Viera.

Daniel is available for private tuition at Malvern Martial Arts in Melbourne.

Daniel Keane Contact: 0421 928 276


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