Jeremy Ta’kody has been involved with martial arts for much of his life. The Co-Founder of the Tactical Mixed Martial Arts Association, Jeremy is a highly respected Mixed Martial Arts Trainer, Personal Trainer and Success coach. Jeremy is also a life-long student of personal transformation and an inspirational speaker and writer.

A protege of renowned Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Shootfighting instructor John B. Will and student of international martial arts phenomenon Richard Norton, Jeremy holds a coveted Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, a Fifth Degree Black Belt in Ryuken Shooto (precursor system to TMMA) and is a highly respected trainer and creator of Dynamic Muay Thai and Reflex Boxing. A full time martial artist for over two decades, Jeremy has trained private groups, corporate groups, members of Law enforcement, including Police, Military and Security Personnel, and has worked extensively within the security industry.

Jeremy specialises in personal success coaching, whether it be improving fitness, facilitating weight loss, teaching Brazilian Jiujitsu, mixed martial arts or reality based self defence. He prides himself on the development of personalised programs with results centered goal setting to achieve your specific objectives.

A super motivated and inspiring professional trainer, Jeremy’s clients and students come from a wide range of demographics, from stay at home mum’s to executives, to highly successful business people, corporate groups, fitness enthusiasts, professional martial artists, MMA fighters, personal trainers and those simply gaining an edge in achieving their personal best.


“The Tactical Mixed Martial Arts phenomena provides a unique and interesting twist to training,” says Jeremy, who has been involved with martial arts for nearly 30 years. “It is a great way to learn MMA, get in shape both physically and mentally, all the while learning a practical system of self defence. Ultimately, Tactical Mixed Martial Arts offers a unique path for self development.” Many of Jeremy’s clients simply use elements of the martial arts training as a physical outlet, while attaining a specific lifestyle by design.

“Regular training of any kind strengthens our self discipline, our resolve to make ourselves do things which we might find challenging,” says Jeremy “This self discipline and perseverance can then be transferred into other areas of your life.”

A certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner, Time Line Therapist and Hypnotherapist, Jeremy has a unique perspective in understanding the influence of the mind on the body, and working with the internal structure of human experience to create breakthrough success.

A passionate writer, Jeremy is a former consulting editor for Women’s Fitness and Health Magazine and Australian Ironman Magazine. He is also the former editorial director of Australasia’s three best selling martial arts magazines, Blitz, International Kickboxer and Australian Taekwondo Magazine. He has published hundreds of articles on subjects of self defence, weight loss, personal success and success psychology.

Jeremy is currently completing a number of books and weight-loss related educational DVDs.

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